Here are a few words about me. I'll be short, I don't like talking about myself...

I was born in 1986, and I felt in the hard rock world because

of my two older sisters who, back in the day, were fans of 

Bon Jovi and Iron Maiden to name just a few...

I was listening to music when I wasn't even born then... 

It was in 2003 that I started to have more interest and my

first concert was Bon Jovi, with my sister... 

Since then, I traveled all across Europe,

even further (Russia) to see my favorite bands on stage...

I always have enjoyed taking pictures, so I thought

putting together photography, travelling, and concerts

would be the perfect match.

So did I, and I launched my website to share my passion with other fans...

In addition to the live pictures galleries, you'll find some

reviews of CDs and DVDs, interviews,

and several other things always related with music.

I hope you'll enjoy my website, have a good time here,

and don't forget to sign the guest book

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